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Dementia Training

Fast, focused and affordable

AlzBetter is the only dementia training program to utilize Targeted Micro-Learning™ techniques. This revolutionary method is ideal for teaching busy healthcare staff in as little as 7 minutes per day.
The complexities of caring for a person with dementia make specialized learning necessary. The AlzBetter method is the fastest and most effective program to accomplish this. Learn more about why this model of training is so effective and to see if it will work for your staff.  

Each person has unique needs. Once identified, targeted training can address specific concerns.
Generally taking less than 10 minutes, fast, focused and convenient training is delivered
Caregiver stress is reduced by 35%, and client Quality of Life improves
  • Traditional Training
  • Large amounts of information taught in one session
  • Focus on accumulating as many hours as possible
  • Small amounts of information retained
  • Difficult for staff to apply all the training material
  • Staff removed from job for training
  • Difficult to provide refresher for new skills needed
  • AlzBetter Targeted Micro-Learning™
  • Smaller, manageable amount of information taught in each session
  • Focused on convenience and results
  • Large amount of information retained due to lack of cognitive overload
  • Learned material is usable the same day it is learned
  • Staff require only minutes to train, reducing time away from actual work
  • Topic specific material is available 24/7 and can be accessed anywhere
  • Makes a perfect supplement when traditional training used

Science Backed Training

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Cognitive load theory has been identified as a leading cause of diminished retention when learning a new skill. This is particularly true in the case of dementia due to the many complexities involved in providing outstanding care. AlzBetter addresses this with its proprietary Customized Training program.

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