Clinical Dementia Specialist

Tamara Scott BSN, RN

Why I do this

Overview And Experience


With a steady increase in our aging population providing support for our elderly and families is paramount.

As a Registered Nurse working with geriatrics for greater than 14 years, treating an elder utilizing a holistic approach has proven beneficial in managing complex comorbid conditions including memory care and dementia.

To better serve our aging population our call to action as Clinical Dementia Specialists is the preservation of the quality of life for both client’s and caregivers

Bachelor Degree Science Nursing

Rowan University -2018

Masters Degree Science Nursing

Rowan University- 2023

  • Registered Nurse

  • Clinical Dementia Specialist

  • Geriatric Chronic Care Manager

  • Registered Nurse Case Manager

  • Organizer & Executor for multiple community support groups in Camden County

Tamara has worked as a geriatric clinician and care manager in South Jersey for greater than 14 years.  Her focus throughout her career has included various levels of care including inpatient hospital, outpatient clinic, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and in the home. 
Working in an Acute Care for the Elderly Unit for 5 plus years afforded Tamara the opportunity to work alongside gerontologists specializing in the care of our aging population.  Utilizing knowledge gained in acute care setting Tamara was able to mentor and train her care team including Nurses and Home Health Aids in the care of geriatric and patients diagnosed with dementia.
Working with families and assessing stressors, need for education, and coordination of community resources defines Tamara’s role a navigator in the aging process.  Often this support is key in enabling client’s to remain at home longer and helping families to recognize when the level of care is changing.
Through the AlzBetter educational tools and system monitoring Clinical Dementia Specialist can collaborate with clients and families to establish a working plan of care.  As with dementia and many co-morbid conditions this plan is everchanging.  Continued communication and guidance through you Clinical Dementia Special and Care Manager is the key to preparing for the future while successfully living in the moment!


Tamara lives in South Jersey.  She is also available to perform remote coaching anywhere in the United States

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My vision

Aging With Grace

As a registered nurse and geriatric practitioner, I value the life of the elder adult and work to preserve independence and a meaningful life for clients and families across the continuum. 

Treating a client utilizing a holistic approach and managing symptoms which promote aging in place for our elders promotes dignity and an improved quality of life.

The inclusion of families and caregivers in to the comprehensive care plan for our aging population is key to ensuring that the plan is patient focused and to prevent caregiver role strain.  Through the improvement of support within family systems our elders are better equipped to age with grace.

the key to success

Practice Areas

Each AlzBetter Certified Dementia Practitioner has completed the AlzBetter training program, however, through years of personal experience, individuals have developed additional key areas of expertise. 

Family Support
Clinical Issues
Dementia Behaviors

Helping the entire family unit deal with challenging behaviors without the use of additional medications is a key area of strength