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No two individuals experience dementia the same way. Families need a plan that addresses the unique issues each situation brings. Your coach will identify your exact needs and create a customized plan to reduce care partner stress and increase quality of life

An AlzBetter Clinical Dementia Specialist  brings an unparalleled  level of dementia expertise to families who need the support of a trained, empathetic professional.

Serivices Offered

What We Do

An AlzBetter Clinical Dementia Specialist performs multiple services, all aimed at helping to reduce family members stress and improving the quality of life for everyone involved.


It takes a team
Your Coach will reach out to you on a regular basis to provide ongoing support. Because of the progressive nature of dementia, new challenges will continue to arise. We are always there to support you with each new situation. Your no longer on your own.

Care Coordination & Advocacy

Putting the pieces together and looking out for youo
The medical landscape is extremely fragmented and patients often fall between the cracks. Our coaches will communicate with your physicians, facility, therapists, pharmacists etc. to make sure the care is coordinated and will advocate on behalf of your loved when when necessary.

Training & Education

Understanding is power
Families and the care partners they hire will receive training and education to better understand the disease and are provided customized, timely solutions to the particular needs of each individual.

Home or Facility

Wherever you call home
No matter where your loved one calls home, our coach can help. We will work with individuals who live in private homes as well as those who live in skilled nursing, assisted living or any other type of supportive living environment.

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Featured Coaches

Jan Golembiski CSW, CADCT

Social Worker
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Shannon Arriola MC

Individual and family systems counselor
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Tamara Scott BSN, RN

Registered Nurse

three steps to success

The AlzBetter Process

After selecting your coach, you will complete a detailed assessment which provdes the information required to create your customized paln of care.


Select your coach

Each coach brings a unique skillset and experience. Learn more about our coaches to help you select the coach that is right for you.


Complete our assessment

A proprietary dementia assessment helps your coach to identify your needs and create a plan specifically aimed at helping you with your unique needs


Support, Advocacy and Education

Your coach is their t provide support and education to help you manage the challenges of care for a person living with dementia can bring.

What People Say About Us

Client Testimonials

Sample Educational Videos

Sample Micro-Learning Videos

Short, topic specific videos are a far more effective and engaging way to learn. Our library addresses many of the most common problems faced by people providing care to those living with dementia.

Foundation Program

Building a strong understanding of dementia can help all care partners to better understand why things happen and how to manage difficult situations without getting overwhelmed.  The AlzBetter Foundation program provides the information required in easy to watch, fun and informative interactive lessons.